Hannah Moran


What are some things Inner Fire Yoga may not know about you?
I was born in Madison, but I lived in the UP of Michigan from 2001 until 2016, when I moved back to Madison. My junior year at Northern Michigan University, I produced a 120-minute documentary film. My favorite snack is cheese and crackers -- I'm actually drooling just thinking about it. My next dog is probably going to be a St. Bernard, because they're big and drooly and dopey and I love all of them. I've been told I have a knack for accents and funny voices. I'm a Virgo, so I prefer plans and order to chaos and spontaneity. The following things are on my bucket list: start/join a band, write a novel, live in a foreign country, grow my own vegetables, and run a small business.

Tell us about some jobs you had before working at Inner Fire Yoga?
I worked at a public radio station for 3 years, where I operated the sound board, announced news and weather, hosted jazz music shows, and produced podcasts. When I moved back to Madison, I was an Office Administrator for a software company, then I was a Social Media Coordinator for a cosmetology school. Now I am a Development Projects Coordinator for The Nature Conservancy, and of course you can always find me behind the front desk at Inner Fire on Sunday evenings.

What is your favorite place to visit or vacation?
Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My dad grew up just outside of Boston, so he used to vacation on the Cape as a kid, and now he carries on the tradition with us! I've probably gone over a dozen times in my life (including once while I was in the womb, I'm told) and it never gets old. The freshest clams you could possibly imagine, lazy beach days, late night games of Cards Against Humanity, the proud LGBTQ+ community in Provincetown, the humbling experience of whale watching, and spending quality time with family and friends -- my little paradise!

Favorite movie or tv show and why?
I love pretty much any Marvel movie. The classic battle of good vs. evil really just tugs at my heartstrings. I love the playful banter between characters, too. My personal favorite is Thor and the Hulk in Ragnarok -- so goofy. The complex universe is really fun to watch, what with all the different kinds of mystical creatures and their special abilities. I also love the clever nods to classic comic book stories, which I normally don't catch -- luckily my fiance is a comic book dude and he explains them to me.

Favorite concert?
One of the best concerts I've ever seen was Mumford and Sons at Okeechobee Music Festival in 2016. They're an incredibly tight band, and so passionate and honest every time they play. I wasn't a real fan until I heard them live. They really take you on a ride, and the fans are pretty wonderful so the crowd always has amazing vibes. I saw them a second time at Austin City Limits later that year -- just as good as the first time!

Favorite things to do when you are not at Inner Fire Yoga?
I like to hang out with my wonderful fiance, David, and my two perfect dogs, Quinzee and Jitterbug. I love good food, good beer, and great friends, so I can also be found frequently at restaurants, breweries, and the Union Terrace enjoying the company of the people that I love. Other hobbies include making music, experimental cooking, journaling, and dancing in the moonlight.




Tell us about why you began practicing at Inner Fire Yoga:

I started doing yoga in 2013, when I was having a rough time in my life. I broke up with the love of my life, who I thought I would marry. I had no job, no car, and no money. For a couple years, my friend Tracy tried to get me to come and practice yoga.

When I was at the lowest point in my life and I felt like I had nowhere to go, somehow faith brought me to Inner Fire Yoga. I started doing yoga for trade and soon after that I became a receptionist. Practicing yoga gives me peace and helps me slow down and enjoy life. I have to say I don't know what I would do without yoga. Everyone who comes here has their own story. Especially, now, Inner Fire Yoga studio is like my other family. I have built so many relationships with everyone here. I feel like I could never leave!

Tell us about some jobs you had before working at Inner Fire Yoga:

Something you might not know about me is that I am a jack of all trades. I was a bank teller after college, and then I worked at AAA for 6 years as a travel consultant. After my undergraduate degree I went back to school to become a cosmetologist. Meanwhile, I was a bartender, hair stylist, and barista. I was working five jobs at one point. It was crazy, but good and kept me happy and out of trouble.

What is you favorite place to visit or vacation?

One of my favorite places to travel is San Diego, or anywhere with water.  As a Leo, I'm a fire sign and water really calms me down. I have been to Hong Kong, Jamaica, Punta Cana, Tokyo, and all different parts of U.S.

What is your favorite concert?

I am a cheapskate, and I don't go to a lot of concerts. I do enjoy attending The Kissers, an Irish band, every year.  But if someone wants to take me to a concert, I won't say no.  

What are some things Inner Fire Yoga may not know about you?

I act very American, but deep inside of me I am very Chinese. I grew up in Hong Kong until I was 14 years old. I try go back to visit every 4 or 5 years. I speak fluent Cantonese. Things I like to do are hanging out with friends and coworkers. I love taking short weekend trips and go paddle boarding. I also love to hike, dance, and go boating in the summer. I also love cooking!




Sarah has been working at Inner Fire Yoga since 2012. She’s our Thursday night receptionist at West, makes all of our Honorary Yogi bracelets, sends out our charity donations, runs payroll and much more. She has also taken nearly 800 Hot 90 classes since 2011!!!

What are some things Inner Fire Yoga may not know about you?
I am a total animal lover! Our family includes 5 dogs (3 Australian Shepherds and 2 Whippets), a cat (who thinks she's a dog!), an African Gray Parrot, and assorted tropical fish. My daughter is a senior in college in Montana and my son is a senior in high school, so my husband Craig and I will be "empty nesters" soon. It might be a good time to get some more pets to fill the void! :)

Tell us about some jobs you had before teaching at Inner Fire Yoga?
Besides greeting clients at the front desk every Thursday evening at Inner Fire, I process the payroll for the West and Campus Studios. In addition, I work full-time as a Client Relations Coordinator at Sauk Point Veterinary Clinic. My previous jobs have included being a preschool teacher, owning a small business, and working as a dietitian with diabetes patients.

Favorite place to visit or vacation?
Anywhere outdoors (preferably near mountains and water!) where I can totally unplug with my family.

Favorite movie or tv show and why?
I don't watch much tv, but I currently LOVE the show, This is Us. I can't get through an episode without crying.

Favorite concert?
I really enjoyed seeing the Indigo Girls in concert last year. It was an intimate setting and they really connected with the audience.

Favorite things to do when you are not at Inner Fire Yoga? Hiking, camping, baking, cuddling with my dogs, and relaxing with friends with a glass of wine.