what is Private yoga?

Private yoga is the ultimate personalized stress relief experience to relax your mind and body and focus on any special areas or yoga alignment questions. It allows for more hands-on adjustments if desired and personalized instruction, which can be extremely helpful when working with injuries and other personal imbalances. Private sessions offer a supportive environment with undivided attention focusing on what is most important to you, whether it is alignment, posture, breathing or just relaxing! Perfect the basics and expand your yoga practice with a private session.



  • Get one-on-one attention with an Inner Fire Yoga Instructor

  • Learn how to modify a practice while healing from injury

  • Get alignment tips tailored specifically for your body

  • Improve posture in fundamental poses

  • Get yoga questions answered in a private setting

  • Learn advanced postures

  • Get help starting a yoga practice

  • Explore different styles of yoga

  • Learn how to use yoga to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Learn how to use yoga to help alleviate chronic back, neck, shoulders, knee, or hip pain

Private yoga instructors

Level 1 Instructors

Level 2 Instructors

Don’t see the instructor you’re looking for? Other Inner Fire Yoga Teachers are available by request.


How do i book a private?

Get started by filling out a private yoga request form here and we will contact you to finalize and confirm your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Events, Group and Private classes have a strict 24-hour cancellation/change policy. Cancellations/Changes made within 24-hours prior to the appointment time are considered a late cancel and are non-refundable.

Private yoga rates

Private Yoga Cost
1 Hour Session Level 1 Instructor $85
1 Hour Session Level 2 Instructor $90
Five 1 Hour Sessions Level 1 Instructor $395 (Save $30)
Five 1 Hour Sessions Level 2 Instructor $419 (Save $30)
1 Hour Group Class (3 or more people) $250


“My physician recommended a private lesson before returning to a regular yoga practice after an injury and physical therapy. I was lucky to book a class with Karen Rigsby. She is an attentive and extremely knowledgeable instructor who identified and corrected some issues I was having with specific postures and provided me with modifications. Karen also happens to be extremely kind. Of course, I remembered zero after my class, so she sent me an email with everything we did. Our bodies change and one-on-one instruction is a perfect way to recalibrate. Thanks to Karen and Inner Fire, I'm finally feeling confident enough to get back on the mat.” Yael Gen 09/07/19

“I was introduced to Karen Rigsby through a mutual friend who thought, because of a number of muscular skeletal issues, yoga might be a good alternative for me. From my 1st session w/ Karen I was hooked. She was flexible, through, and really creative in introducing workouts that respected my shortcomings but gave me a positive yoga experience. She is the reason I am @ Inner Fire Yoga!“ David Anderson 09/07/19