nora o'reilly

The personal transformation that I have experienced in my life through my work on my mat is nothing short of miraculous. I came to Inner Fire Yoga an anxious workaholic full of self-doubt and deprecation. I was drawn to a hot vinyasa practice for the chaturangas, but I stayed for the savasana. What an individual’s yoga practice encompasses is quite relative and personal.  For me, however, this practice allows me to cultivate authenticity through the healing of mental and emotional ‘wobbily bits’ (yes, I just quoted Bridget Jones.) While we are all masterpieces in progress, yoga has trickled into every aspect of my life to help me become a more compassionate, grateful, and happy person.

To say that I love teaching and assisting yoga falls short. It is something I am compelled to do. There is no other way in which I would rather spend my spare hours than sharing this wondrous alternative life perspective with others. My intention when I lead a class is to provide a loving space in which the students realize, even for a moment, their own beauty, genius, and divinity. 

I am so blessed to be a part of the wonderful community at Inner Fire where I can continue to cultivate my own soul through a personal practice and share what I have learned with others.  Although ever class I work with proves that my ‘students’ are truly my finest teachers.


  • Inner Fire Yoga Teacher 200-hr Teacher Training, 2015
  • Inner Fire Sculpt Flow Training, 2016

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