meg novich

Before yoga was part of my life, it was an archetype symbolizing freedom of choice, freedom of movement, and freedom from expectations. My own power to access these freedoms hadn’t occurred to me.

Great upheaval led to me to class where my inner and outer work coalesced. Enamored with the literal and figurative experience of melting, I dug in. Pursuing the physical and spiritual expression of yoga - and the inseparable nature of the two - has been deeply meaningful and brought me great joy. I can’t help but share that joy in class - sometimes through 90s pop. Each practice explores the balance of effort and ease, strength and surrender, comfortable and cumbersome, serious and silly. Through the cultivation of self-observation, yoga becomes transformative, offering us every kind of freedom from within.

When not at Inner Fire, I can be found other places where leggings are encouraged: being a speech-language therapist, hanging with my two small yogis, or urban hiking Madison (i.e., walking to the coffee shop).


  • 200-hour RYT (Inner Fire Yoga, 2017)

  • Sculpt Training (Inner Fire Yoga, 2017)

  • The Art of Assisting (Sandy Homburg, Inner Fire Yoga, 2017)

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