kerry helmer

I’ve been practicing Bikram/Hot Yoga since I took a class on a whim in 1997 in Seattle, WA. I had never thought of myself as the “yoga type” but a little voice in my head told me to try it. The teacher was funny and the class was surprisingly…  tolerable. I wasn’t two steps behind and confused after 5 minutes, I didn’t need to transition from one thing to the next as I had with previous exercise classes -- this worked well for my body and my brain. And it was challenging!

After a few months of fairly regular practice, I started to notice subtle changes -- my frustration with traffic was greatly reduced, I was eating better, and I became more comfortable seeing myself in the mirror. The mind/body connection began to take hold, and I was hooked! I developed a daily practice and stuck with the yoga, practicing at Bikram Yoga College of India studios as I moved from Seattle to Portland to San Diego. I practiced for 9 years in San Diego at a studio where classes were frequently  taught like mini-posture clinics and in all classes we were given “generous personal corrections” in order to learn the correct way to enter, exit, and be in each asana, with lots of attention given to details that are often overlooked.

With this solid foundation I was inspired to go way outside my comfort zone and participated in the 2013 Southern California Asana Competition. It was quite the journey for someone not as bendy, a bit older, and much curvier than your typical yogi!  

Today I continue to focus on alignment and the little details, form over depth, and the purpose of each asana to receive maximum healing benefits from this amazing sequence.

I moved to Madison in 2014 and started practicing at Inner Fire. I have since incorporated Yin and Slow flow classes into my regular practice and enjoy a balance of the different approaches.

I’m excited to be teaching and sharing my passion for the benefits of yoga particularly as it applies to achieving and maintaining a positive body image, no matter what the scale says, and facing the aging process with optimism and vitality.


  • Inner Fire Yoga Foundations Teacher Training - 2017

  • Inner Fire Yoga Hot Yoga Teacher Training - 2017

  • Yin 1 Teacher Training - 2018

  • Yin 2 Teacher Training - 2019

  • Gianna Purcell Hot Yoga Alignment Workshop at Inner Fire Yoga - 2019

  • Esak Garcia Hot Yoga Workshop at Inner Fire Yoga - 2018

  • Jim Kallett Posture Clinic at Bikram Yoga College of India San Diego - 2011

  • Bikram Choudhury Posture Clinic and Seminar - San Diego, CA - 2008

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