Karen rigsby

I came to yoga as an academic endeavor. In the pursuit of a doctorate in exercise physiology and biomechanics, I found myself looking for an aid in understanding the human body. I thought yoga would be a perfect practical discipline to supplement my coursework. I liked the fastidiousness of Hot Yoga’s disciplined structure and gradually found my practice eclipsing all of the facets to which I was initially attracted. My body changed, and with it, my mind.

As a rower athlete, I possessed the litany of maladies one accrues after being dedicated for 10 years to a single sport with asymmetrical forces. Yoga is fixing each imbalance and injury. The longer I practice, the more committed I become. So I watch, with curiosity, this evolution that has begun to transcend the physical healing. I have found
a mental acuity in my studies and a personal calm that previously eluded me all my life.

The community at Inner Fire Yoga has strengthened my Faith, and individuals have awed me with not only the possibilities of the human body, but with the resiliency of the human spirit as well. I have been inspired to learn to teach; to support and encourage others in their yoga journey. My teaching has strengthened my practice and the two continue to exist as sharpening stones each improving the other in tandem. The physical practice of yoga is transformative not only for our physical body, but more importantly, for the guiding forces of that body; our mind and our soul.


"Much thanks to Karen Rigsby, the teacher of the 9:30am class of hot yoga this past Monday. Being a new student, first time ever to yoga, I was terrified and excited both. Karen was great-I will be back. Anything that offers to help this uncoordinated overweight person deal with stress of the everyday world is much welcomed! I appreciate the guidance and kindness offered by your staff." - Cheryl

"I attended the 5:30 Hot Yoga last night, and it was by-far the best experience I have had, not only at Inner Fire, but at any yoga center I have been to. The class was extremely difficult, but in a good way. I also appreciated how Karen helped adjust her students during class, as it is very rewarding to learn how the pose should actually be/feel. I would love to attend more of her classes, but alas, I cannot find any on the schedule. Please let me know if/when she will be teaching more classes so that I may sign up." - Serena M Johnson


  • 1996 Olympic Silver Medal; Women’s Rowing (pair)

  • 2000 Olympic Bronze Medal; Women’s Rowing (pair)

  • 2007 Certified as Yoga Instructor by Marit Sathrum

  • 2007 Bikram weekend intensive (Chicago, IL)

  • 2008 50 hour training intensive (Bikram Yoga, New Haven CT) “Bootcamp for Bikram”

  • 2010 Big Ten Assistant Coach of the Year (rowing)

  • 2010 Central Region Coach of the Year (rowing)

  • 1000 classes, Dec 31, 2010

  • Functional Movement Screening Certification (FMS), 2014