karen knetter

I came to yoga from years of competitive sports, and my first attempts were in solitude (alone in my basement with a vhs tape!) and I felt uneasy with the concept of yoga in groups and mirrors. Friends dragged me to a Hot Bikram Yoga class and my perception changed. The difficulty and heat focused my energies beyond my ego, and the philosophy complimented the physical aspect of the practice. Fifteen years later, it’s just a part of me.

Counter to the competitive nature of our culture, yoga nurtures that subtle connection of mind and body, individually, not competitively. It’s you and your mat each practice; a chance to pause and feel and take care of yourself without comparing yourself to others.

I’m thankful for the many teachers and students that have influenced me, and I continue to learn from both since receiving Inner Fire Yoga’s 200-Hour Teacher Certification in 2017. I’m happiest when I’m helping and encouraging others explore their own practice, in community.


  • Inner Fire Yoga Teacher Training, 200 Hour RYT

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