Yoga inspires me, fascinates me, humbles me, and shows me the possibilities of living fully in mind, body and soul.

As a lifelong runner, a motivation to try something new brought me to a hot yoga class in 2012. I loved the meditative quality of the class, the challenging poses in a heated room, and the silence— except for the sound of sweat dripping from my elbow in tree pose. That class opened me up to the possibilities of yoga, how it can shift you away from who you think you are and move you toward who you are really meant to be.

In May 2015, I received my 200-hour RYT certification through Inner Fire Yoga with training in hot, power and yin. As I seek more knowledge of yoga and the different disciplines, I see the practice can be an opportunity for almost anyone. Off the mat, I work as a journalist and write about inspired yogis who bring the practice to those who need it most.

As students unfurl their mats in my class, I realize that they are all looking for something different—to de-stress, to build strength, to be part of a community, or just do some stretching to a really awesome playlist—whatever it is, I honor and respect those needs and guide students to fulfill their purpose.
Within the Inner Fire Yoga community, I am grateful for the yogis who have taught me, the yogis I teach, and the yogis I connect with on the mat beside me.


  • Inner Fire Yoga Teacher Training 200-RYT, May 2015
  • Yin Training Inner Fire Yoga, Darlene Vander Hoop, 2016
  • Bernie Clark Yin Training, Vancouver BC, 50-hours, November 2017

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