Jane bernstein

I began yoga at Inner Fire in 2012, as a New Year's Resolution to reduce stress, and I’ve been practicing regularly ever since. My first class was a Hot Yoga class and I had to step out a few times. But I persisted, finding my groove in the energetic and joyful Power Flow classes. When my job became more stressful I gravitated toward mostly Inner Fire Flow classes. For me, this sequenced class is more meditative and the pace allowed me to really build strength in each pose and calm my mind.

Three days after retiring from a twenty-year career teaching high school, I began Inner Fire’s Summer Intensive yoga teacher training. It seemed like a natural progression for me to use my new-found time to deepen my yoga practice and also turn my teaching experience toward yoga.  

In my classes, I aim to create a space that enables students to take a time-out from the chaos of daily life. My teaching stresses alignment, breathing, and modifications for all levels.  It is my hope that my students develop a sustainable yoga practice; one they can practice for years and that allows them to get what they individually need on any given day, whether that’s more strength, increased flexibility, greater balance, calmness of mind, or all of the above.