hannah moran

My mother introduced me to yoga when I was a teenager, but it wasn’t until I found Inner Fire Yoga in Madison, Wisconsin, that I began to take it seriously. I was so inspired by all the passionate, talented teachers and students that I decided to get my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification through their teacher training program. This decision changed the course of my life.

I have been teaching since January of 2018, and I’ve realized that the term “teacher” is somewhat inaccurate. I am truly learning every step of the way - the students are the real teachers. I think of myself more as a guide. There’s nothing quite like coming to the end of a class, leaving a roomful of yogis in a state of physical and mental bliss. It’s an honor to be able to create that space for students, as so many wonderful teachers have created for me.

In my classes, I try to offer a warm, safe environment for each student to receive whatever they need that day from their practice. I emphasize alignment, mindfulness, and above all, breath. My breath has gotten me through some truly tough times, and I believe it to be the most powerful tool we have as students of yoga. My wish is that each student may use yoga to realize the power that exists within them, and that they use that power to do good in the world.

These days, people work too hard, think too much, and act too quickly. In yoga we have a chance to work only in such a way that serves us, and to resolve to not judge our thoughts, but simply let them pass through us without acting upon them. It is this mindful practice of catch and release, non-attachment, inhale and exhale, that brings us peace both on and off the mat. My yoga practice is an opportunity to step back, remove myself from the whirlwind of everyday life, and retract into my body and my spiritual consciousness.

While yoga is my focus and my passion, I have many other interests! I was born in Madison, but was raised as a Yooper in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I love the outdoors and being by the water - Lake Superior calls to me every day. I enjoy good food, craft brews, and superhero movies. I love to sing and I play four instruments, but not often enough. I live in Verona, Wisconsin, with the love of my life and my two dogs, Quinzee and Jitterbug.


  • Inner Fire Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training