I took my first yoga class when I was 12, and immediately fell in love. Growing up in a small town meant that I didn’t always have access to a yoga studio – but I kept coming back to yoga, and discovered Inner Fire Yoga in 2007. As I became truly dedicated to my practice, I found so much more than I thought possible through yoga. I gained strength, patience, self-love, peace of mind, a sense of calm, and the ability to become present. I was becoming a happier person, a healthier person, and my outlook on life had changed. This growing passion for yoga led me to pursue a 200-Hour RYT certification through Inner Fire Yoga, with an emphasis in Power Flow. I am also a certified Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher, and love taking my practice to new heights! I am truly honored to have the opportunity to teach and to share my love for yoga with my students.

My classes are designed to be accessible yet challenging for all students, with creative sequences that help keep you engaged and exploring your practice with a little bit of playfulness. I often describe my class as a “choose your own adventure” flow, as I like to give plenty of options and let you decide what feels best for you on your mat each time you step into class – whether you’re craving a more gentle practice, putting the pedal to the metal, or working on a new pose, I’ll always encourage you to listen to your body. With a wonderful balance of effort and relaxation, you’ll leave class feeling totally rejuvenated. I hope to see you on your mat!


  • Theresa Murphy Therapeutics Training - 2016

  • Core Strength Vinyasa Training – (in progress)

  • Advanced Unnata Aerial Yoga Certification, August 2015

  • Unnata Aerial Yoga Certification – Unnata, 2014

  • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Inner Fire Yoga, 2014

  • Erica Mather – Forrest Yoga Workshop: Rock You to the Core, 2014

  • Sadie Nardini – Core Strength Transformer, 2012 Total Yoga Transformation, 2013

  • Rolf Gates – Vinyasa Workshop Weekend, 9 C.E. credits, 2013