anne morgan

Running was my life since freshmen year of high school, running cross country and track, then road racing, and ultimately qualifying for the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon. Weight lifting was my life too, always challenging myself to lift heavier and heavier.  

Then in 2000, while vacationing in Charleston, South Carolina, I turned on the television while my family slept. There it was! Yoga! I sat mesmerized watching a sole practitioner demonstrating various postures. I thought to myself I want to do that. Yoga took hold!  

Upon returning home, I signed up for my first flow class at a local studio. First I practiced once a week and then transitioned to a daily practice. Yoga still taking hold and not letting go!

A few years later, I discovered Inner Fire Yoga Studio where I took my first Hot 90 class and Inner Fire Flow class. I felt the transformation slowly and subtly at first, then building stronger. I began to soften my view of myself and others. I couldn’t believe how calm, yet energetic, I felt! Thus began my hot yoga journey. I found hot yoga complemented my running beautifully and also my weight lifting regimen. I began to accept who I am with all my flaws and forgive myself for all my past mistakes. The more I practiced yoga, the more compassion seemed to move through me with an energy of its own.

I love nothing more than to guide fellow yogis through a yoga class, to help them find compassion for others and, most importantly, for themselves. I want everyone to experience the joys of yoga and to live a vibrant, meaningful life on and off the mat, to be open, to always stay open, in body and mind. I wish for myself, as well as others, through a regular yoga practice to be happy under any circumstance. I learn something new everyday from my students as we journey together in the practice of yoga.


  • Inner Fire Yoga Teacher Training, 2014/2015

  • Foundations, Hot 90, Power Yoga

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Personal Trainer, 2012