For many years I was searching for the perfect solution that would make me happy – some tool that would magically fix everything that was broken.  And then I found yoga…and said no thank you. I found it several other times in the past 10 years, but the fix wasn’t quick enough, so I left. I never committed. I kept searching.

In many ways I was disconnected from myself and what I needed more than anything was a commitment to developing a profound, meaningful and healthy relationship with me – that guy I was/am sometimes scared to accept and love. Enter yoga again a couple of years ago. That time, I was ready to do the work, which allowed the yoga to be different.

This system of living (yoga) has facilitated a more powerful growth within me than I could have imagined possible. Impossibilities have become possible, even easy. Asana is a great teacher, because it requires action, and connection between mind and body. Asana take me out of my head and allow my muscles to move, heart to beat, and lungs to breathe while my mind clears during times of intense physical challenges. Regular practice has brought me much more peace with myself, but I also now have a new sense of vitality and vigor for life because of my growth into the impossible.

Since I committed to yoga, I’ve practiced most days, beside my wife and sharing breath with people that we’ve grown to call friends. I welcome you to practice with me, and know that I will provide you a safe, yet challenging space where you can do whatever you need to do – even if it’s simply getting a great workout.  As my teacher says “the worst thing that will happen [if you practice yoga] is that you’ll have more defined buns and chiseled abs.” What’s to lose? Be a yes!

I practice mostly Baptiste Power Vinyasa, and enjoy Ashtanga and Forrest practices as well. I draw inspiration from all styles of yoga in my teaching, but aim to empower you during a vigorous practice with a focus on alignment, through cues and hands-on assists.


  • Power Vinyasa Teacher Training with Metro Power Yoga, 200-hour, St. Louis, MO (Baptiste Affiliate Studio), Julie Bergfeld, 2015
  • Intensive Forrest Yoga workshop, Jen Bayer, 2015

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