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I have yet to find the limits of yoga practice. Many years ago, I was a soccer player who began yoga in order to keep my body healthy and strong while avoiding the injuries that come with competitive sports. Along with a healthy body came mental control, determination and patience.

I love yoga for its athleticism – I participate in the USA Yoga Asana Competitions. I also love it for its physical therapy – Hot, Bikram and Ghosh yoga are founded on the principle of creating health in the body, both inside and out. I also love it for its serenity, spirituality and stillness of mind – breath control and meditation are growing parts of my personal practice.

I studied with Tony Sanchez, a yogi who has been practicing for 40 years without injury, focusing on sustainability, spinal health and individual modification. My teaching is always focused on using proper body mechanics combined with mental control and stillness. I strive to balance each class with strength, determination, relaxation and stress relief.


  • 1st place, Wisconsin Men, USA Yoga Asana Competition, 2015
  • Ghosh Yoga College in Kolkata, India, 2015
  • Advanced Practice, Tony Sanchez, 2015
  • Ghosh Yoga, Muktamala Mitra, Ghosh Yoga College in Calcutta, 2015
  • 250 hour teacher training, Tony Sanchez, 2013
  • Bikram Yoga workshop, Esak Garcia, 2014
  • Weekend intensive, Ana Forrest, 2014
  • Bikram Yoga workshop, Mary Jarvis, 2013
  • Weekend intensive, Rolf Gates, 2013
  • Yoga Anatomy, Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews, 2013
  • Hot (26+2) Dialogue, Inner Fire Yoga, 2014
  • Sridaiva workshop, John Friend & Desi Springer, 2014
  • Vinyasa workshop, Sarah Ivanhoe, 2012

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