Sarah fink

I grew up near Green Bay, Wisconsin reading my older sisters' books about chakras and chi, and believing that living near a power plant was bad for my aura. I was always curious about yoga, and one Christmas my mom bought me my very own yoga DVD (too young for VHS). So, I started practicing yoga in my tweenage years in my parent's living room in front of the TV. Eventually, a friend dragged me into a local yoga studio and I discovered that my most favorite place to be, was surrounded by sweaty people, moving and breathing. When I turned 17 I decided it was time, and completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Live Love Teach, and have been teaching ever since!

In 2013, I moved to Madison to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I am currently completing a degree in Political Sciences and Gender and Women's Studies. At the beginning of my freshman year of college, after a particularly long day of new classes and new faces, I stepped into Inner Fire Yoga, and immediately felt at home once again. Every time I step onto my mat, I feel the safety and excitement of coming home. I love teaching sweaty, fun classes and I want my students to leave class feeling empowered, a little exhausted, and mostly, happy! When I'm (rarely) not at the studio managing or teaching, I spend my free time reading and writing, napping, and trying to find dogs to pet. I am so unapologetically obsessed with yoga at Inner Fire that you will probably become obsessed just by association!! Watch out!


  • LIVE LOVE TEACH, 200-Hour RYT Training, July 2012
  • Inner Fire Yoga Sculpt Yoga Teacher Training, February 2016
  • Yoga, Purpose, and Action Leadership Training with Seane Corn, October 2016
  • Inner Fire Yoga 500-Hour Training, January 2017