Director of Teacher Training

I am so fortunate to be in a place in my life where I am able to contribute my time and energy to things that I am passionate about, like teaching yoga. In the past, I tried and taught just about every fitness trend as long as it was tough and made your heart pound. Then one day my daughters took me to a heated power flow yoga class at Inner Fire and my journey began. Within a month, yoga became the biggest physical challenge I had ever faced, and it put me in the best shape of my life. All of my old injuries from the decades of running, intense fitness routines and sports began to heal. I also experienced a remarkable improvement in my mental focus, patience and awareness that allowed me to take on new challenges with great success. Yoga is a wonderful gift both on and off of the mat. I hope that you will join me in discovering and uncovering your inner strength.


  • Inner Fire Yoga Teacher Training 300 hour, 2015


  • Reiki Master

  • Dr. Ray Long BandhaYoga Anatomy 2016

  • Inner Fire Yoga Teacher Training, 200 Hour, 2011

  • Max Strom - A life Worth Breathing; The healing power of Forgiveness; Relax Deeply Now

  • Sarah Guglielmi - Establish the Inner Anchor: Breath Awareness and Mantra; Progressing in Meditation; Finding your Meditation Seat; Stabilizing Pranic Flow for Meditation; Mediation in the Himalayan Tradition 2015

  • Nicolai Bachman - Sanskrit Basics for Yoga; Mantra Recitation; How to Chant in Sanskrit; Chakras and Nadis 2015

  • Theresa Murphy - Stability, Flexibility, & Balance; Adaptability, Absorption, and Wisdom 2015

  • Theresa Murphy - Yin Yoga; The Sacred Inner Space;The Sacred Outer Space 2014

  • Max Strom - Strength, Grace, and Healing; The Internal

  • Technology of Happiness; Learn to Breath to Heal Yourself and Your Relationships; Opening the Chest and Shoulders; A New State of Energy 2014

  • Sadie Nardini - The Core Strength 2014

  • Desi Springer - Roots Sequence; The Bow Spring Power of Sridaiva; Cutting Edge Therapeutics; Mind Body Paradigms and Habits within Postures; Seeds of Sridaiva; Sprouting Sridaiva; The Basics of Teaching Sridaiva; The Fruit of Sridaiva 2014

  • Rolf Gates - Vinyasa & Right Effort; The Chakras in Action; Concentration and Mindfulness; Understanding & Aspiration 2013

  • Tamal Dodge - Intro to Inversions; Enhance Your Practice 2012

  • Theresa Murphy - Skillful Vinyasa; Uddyana and the Inner Knee; Gathering 2012

  • Ashley Turner - Chakra Detox Immersion 2012

  • Steve and Talya- Floating and Flyin into Arm Balances and Inversions; Unique Hips; Unstick Shoulders; Unwind Neck; Backbends 2011

RYT 500