rachel goldberg

 If you enjoy heart openers, power poses, and a protracted savasana, then you’ll probably like my classes.

I found hot yoga during the cold winter of 2011 in Chicago. After 5 years of bopping around the country, I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Dragonfly Hot Yoga in 2016, and have been teaching ever since.

My goal in each class is to create space for you to slow down, rev up, and tap in to the balance that each yoga pose offers. We practice together, as consistently as possible, in order to cultivate strength and courage through the challenges that come our way. Then, over time, we may begin to face each moment as we do on our yoga mats – with patience, curiosity, and open-heartedness.

I love to see yoga reach people outside of the studio walls. I’ve taught yoga to bus drivers, elementary school staff, and youth in the criminal justice system. I’m interested in finding non-conventional ways to expand the reach of yoga’s incredible benefits. If this is something you’d like to explore together, let’s chat!

When not teaching yoga, I work in Public Health and am always on the lookout for new sweet potato recipes.