Nicolette Stern

Growing up, I was a competitive dancer my entire life and once I came to college, I was looking for something to keep me active and motivated and act as a new passion. This is when I found my love for yoga sculpt. I love the idea of working out to the beat of the music, sweating in a heated room, and getting the same stretch of yoga all in one class. After a couple years of taking class consistently, I felt it was time to take my practice to the next level. This past summer, I received my sculpt certification at Corepower in the Chicago suburbs and have loved every second of becoming a new teacher.

I am so excited to bring this passion to Madison and be able to practice and teach throughout the school year with all of you. In my classes, I hope my students feel pushed to do their best and excited to be working out and having fun. I want you to feel accomplished and proud when you leave your mat at the end of class and ready to come back for more the next week.