Nassim Sarkarati

My yoga practice began in 2010 at Inner Fire Yoga when I was a sophomore in college. As much as I struggled during the first few classes, I was hooked! I transferred colleges the following year but still continued my yoga practice at Core Power Yoga (CPY) in Minnesota. It was there where I was introduced to Yoga Sculpt and I immediately fell in love with that format. I loved how it challenged me, both mentally and physically on my mat, and I was able to use that strength to face challenges off my mat.

In 2014, I decided to enroll in Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training at Core Power Yoga’s studio in Highland Park. Two years later, I began teaching at three brand new CPY studios in Dallas, TX. However, my time in Dallas was cut short to start grad school and I moved back to Minnesota – thankfully, I was still able to teach yoga sculpt. After graduating in 2018, I moved back to Dallas and continued teaching at CPY. I decided to take my yoga practice a step forward and completed my 200-hour in 2019.

Now, everything has come full circle. I moved back to Madison to start pharmacy school and wanted to teach at the very studio where I started my yoga journey. My aim as a yoga instructor is to empower each and every student through a challenging, concisely cued, fun class in which every student feels strong and seen by me. I want each student to ride the beat of the music with their breath for a mind-body experience that they cannot wait to do again.