My great journey with yoga began out of curiosity and opportunity in 1981 during a transition year between undergraduate and medical school in Ann Arbor Michigan. I began in a practice with The Universal Great Brotherhood, or Solar Yoga, a lineage based in Mexico with the physical practice of asana embedded within the more global study and lifestyle of the 8 limbs of classic yoga. I completed my first teacher training in 1989 with an immersion program in Sivananda Yoga at the ashram in Nassau, Bahamas. Unfortunately, the inversions in this practice began to exacerbate a congenital neck condition. Taking a break from asana practice, I found the spinal condition worsened. I returned to yoga in 2002 when Marit Sathrum opened the Bikram Yoga Madison studio and have been performing the Hot 26 postures regularly ever since. I have found tremendous personal therapeutic benefits in this practice. After retirement from the UW Medical School faculty, I completed a 300 hour training program with Inner Fire Yoga, completing modules in Inner Fire Flow, Power Flow and Hot Yoga in 2015. I continue to value traditional yoga practices where the power is found in the still quiet of the hold, and hope to inspire others to commit to a regular yoga practice and discover the transformative benefits which follow.


  • Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers, 1989, equivalent of what is now 200-hour coursework, but there was no yoga alliance then
  • Inner Fire Yoga, 200 hours RYA with 100 hours Power Flow, 100 hours Hot, 100 hours Fundamentals, 2015

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