Li li Jones

Yoga is what keeps me centered and inspires me to live each moment more mindfully. Initially I started teacher training with Inner Fire Yoga in order to deepen my own practice. Very quickly I realized that by helping others on their journey I achieved the same peace as I did by pursuing my own. Teaching yoga for me is a never ending process of learning through the reciprocal relationship between instructor and students. Together we find our compassion, honesty, faith, and confidence.

I love Hot and Yin as well as Vinyasa flow because I believe each type of yoga has its strengths that foster balance of body and mind. I teach how I practice because I have a passion for studying, learning and teaching yoga. My teaching has been focused on the simplicity of the postures to promote the calmness and stillness of the body and mind through breathing. I seek to help others to improve their body, mind and spiritual growth through yoga and make their practice echo Patanjali’s Sutras on asana, “By lessening the natural tendency for restlessness and by meditating on the infinite, posture is mastered.”

“Yoga is giving not about taking,” one of my teachers once taught me. I am so honored to be a part of the Inner Fire team who has inspired and guided me along my own yoga journey.  I am looking forward to exploring, learning and sharing this beautiful and powerful practice of conscious transformation. Let’s grow together!


  • Foundations Training at Inner Fire Yoga, 2016

  • Power Yoga at Inner Fire Yoga, 2017 - Received 200 RYT at the time

  • Hot Yoga Training at Inner Fire Yoga, 2017

  • Sculpt Training at Inner Fire Yoga, 2017

  • Yin Training at Inner Fire, 2017

  • Scott Lamps and Ida Pujanen: Pranayama, Core Essentials, and Special Sculpt Immersion, 2016

  • Sandy Homburg: the Art of Assisting at Inner Fire 2016 and 2017

  • Max Strom: Inner Axis, 2017

  • Danni Pomplun: Journey Into Hanuman, 2017

  • Joan Bliefernicht: Yoga Basics, 2017

  • Karen Rigsby: Hot Posture Clinic, 2017

  • Esak Garcia: Workshop + Master Hot Yoga Class, 2018

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