laurie osterndorf

I committed to a daily yoga practice in 2006 and found it to be vastly different from other any other workout I had tried. For me, yoga is a moving meditation which allows me to stop ruminating on the past, stop worrying about the future and dwell in each perfect moment, breath by breath. I have been humbled to meet my body on its own terms, accepting my physical shortcomings and injuries as part of my life’s journey.  I believe yoga has transformative powers and my intention to share that with others led me to participate in Inner Fire Flow’s first 200 hour training program in 2011. I began teaching one week after graduation and feel I have found my home.  My hope is to meet each student on their mat exactly as they are that day and to provide an accepting and welcoming environment as they travel on their own unique journey.


  • Inner Fire Yoga Teacher Training, 200 Hour, 2011

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