Prior to developing my Hot Yoga practice, I was primarily focused on running, completing both full and half marathons. Ten years ago, I took my very first Hot Yoga class. It was challenging, intense, 90 minutes and 105 degrees of pure focus and endurance. That first class set the trajectory of my journey into yoga. I found in Hot Yoga the same meditative and restorative aspects that had originally drawn me to running. The yogic notion of listening to my body and honoring my intuition, practicing both persistence and patience resonated with me.

In 2005, I began to focus primarily on Power Yoga and Hot Yoga, practicing extensively at Inner Fire Yoga in Madison. In spring of 2007 I finished Baron Baptiste Teacher Training (200 hours), studying at a Baron Baptiste Affiliate Studio. In the autumn of 2007 I completed an intensive mentorship with Marit Sathrum, concentrating on Hot Yoga. I remain committed to both my running and my Hot Yoga practice. The classes I teach will both physically and mentally challenge you to find your own inner strength, to meet your own limitations with compassion and acceptance, to focus with continued steady effort and practice the patience and perseverance that yoga asks of us.


"You’ve taught me so much about yoga as well as simply being kind and humble in life. You’ve influenced me greatly...and played a part in my life journey toward success and happiness."
- Margaret, 2015


  • Weekend Intensive with Max Strom, Spring 2014, 2015

  • Weekend Assisting Workshop with Lanie McManus, Spring 2014

  • Weekend Intensive with Desi Springer and John Friend, Winter 2013 | 2014

  • Weekend Intensive with Sri Dharma Mittra, Spring 2011

  • Weekend Intensive with Seane Corn, Spring 2011

  • Weekend Intensive with Rajashree Choudhury, Summer 2011

  • Weekend Intensive with Rolf Gates, Winter 2009

  • Weekend Intensive with Rajashree Choudhury and Emmy Cleaves, Autumn 2008

  • Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Marit Sathrum, Autumn 2007

  • Baron Baptiste Teacher Training, 200hr CYT | RYT, Winter 2007

200 RYT