emi shermata

I went to my first sculpt class in the spring of 2016 at CorePower Yoga with my mom. Even though it was extremely challenging, I fell in love with the practice both physically and mentally.

In high school I played varsity soccer, lacrosse, danced competitively, and ran long and often. After going to Yoga Sculpt classes almost daily for a year and a half, my passion and love of the practice led me to become certified in the spring of 2017 at Minnetonka CorePower. Since then, I have been teaching both Sculpt and plyometric/HITT classes at a local studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In my classes I hope to inspire others and encourage them to fall in love with the practice like I did. My classes will be extremely high intensity and will get your heart rate up but you will also find your inner strength and push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Come sweat, dance, lift weights, and laugh with me. I do promise you a good time!