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Tim & Denise Gomez  | July 2019

Tim & Denise Gomez | July 2019

Mother knows best – a yoga story. Strange introduction, I know, but my yoga journey started long before I knew what it meant to do yoga and why yoga would mean so much to me. It started with my mother – a yoga mat or some other yoga related supply would show up in the mail periodically with a note from my mom to take care of myself. The thing is, I didn’t pay attention at the time. I was too busy… The gentle messages continued, as did my frantic busy schedule, but the yoga was just an idea in my mom’s mind, not mine, yet…

Like many people I know, I turned to my yoga mat to heal an injury. Nothing I had tried worked so I thought, why not try yoga and to my surprise, the yoga worked. What I didn’t know at the time, but do now, is that the yoga was doing more than healing my body. It was healing my mind.

Early in my yoga practice, I was a bit promiscuous with the yoga studios I visited. If there was a good deal on passes, I bought them and attended the “good deal” studio until I found the next good deal. I continued on that path until I found Inner Fire. It was here that I learned that your mat meets you where you are, each and every day, bringing clarity and focus in the way you need it to that day, no exceptions. I was hooked. The teachers at Inner Fire are amazing, without exception. I learn something new and different every day, and everything about the studio feels right to me.

I proudly wear the beads I have earned for class attendance as a daily reminder of everything yoga has taught me, and will continue to teach me. I completely understand why my vibrant, 82-year-old mother continues to do yoga. In fact, I think I have become my mother, convincing my husband, Tim, of the importance of a regular yoga practice and bringing my early 20’s son and daughter along any time they are in town and can make the time for a yoga practice. With any luck, we will all be doing yoga at 82 as well – Mother really does know best.

Denise began practicing yoga about a year before I started. While I was reluctant to try yoga at first, she convinced me to give it a shot, together with my family, over a Christmas holiday. I recall expecting some light exercise at a class called Hot 90, which was at another studio. I was shocked by how challenging the class was at 95° and how completely exhausted I was when the class ended. I continued at a few different studios for about a year, doing mostly Bikram yoga, as I found it really seemed to relieve some low back pain I had been experiencing for the last 10 years due to an active lifestyle and aged body.

Denise first discovered Inner Fire Flow and commented on how good the instructors were, but I was again reluctant as I had become accustomed to a few different instructors and classes at another studio. When I finally went to Inner Fire, I immediately understood what she meant, as I thought the cuing, guidance and commentary was better than I had ever experienced. I also discovered several different types of classes that seemed to complement the Bikram yoga I was mostly doing. I started doing Inner Fire Flow 75, Slow flow, Power flow as well as Yin yoga.

Really what has impressed me the most with Inner Fire Flow, after being there for many years now, is the community and diversity of instructors and students. I have practiced with many different instructors now and each provides a unique experience. If I want to have a really tough class, I know who will give me that. If I want some wise words, I know who will give me those. If I want a laugh, I know who will provide that. It is the instructors that make this studio such an accepting and encouraging space. I feel my practice has really advanced from their combined knowledge and caring. Due to their kindness, yoga is no longer a workout for me, but a lifestyle.

Charitable Giving

$ 117,728

The amount Inner Fire Yoga’s community has raised to date for charity!

Since the beginning in 2002, we have taken very seriously our values of compassion and kindness and our mission to bring well being to our wider community.

Honored Yogis

An Honored Inner Fire Yogi is an essential member of our community who has completed at least 300 classes at Inner Fire Yoga. The time and dedication exhibited by these yoga practitioners has been key to the growth and success of our yoga studio. With gratitude we honor these most inspiring role models with a hand beaded glass bracelet in the color of the achievement level. Those reaching 1000 classes receive an amethyst bracelet.

1000+ classes

Mary Kay Roseneck, Ryel Estes, Janice Binter, Janet Pruett, Diana Howell, Erinn Morris, Amy Hallenbeck, Draga Gakovich, Debbie Godchaux, Ann O’Brien, Susi Hassert, Natalie Betz, Joan Bliefernicht, Karen Rigsby, Esther Bach-y-Rita, Debi Peak, Tom Jeffson, Wendi Joseph, Richard Porst, Karen Erstad, Kim Brilowski, Lynn Kirsch, Marit Sathrum, Diane Coughlin, Kate Schmitz, Bonnie Raimy, Lauren Werner, Sue Hogg, Suzanne Gaulocher, Tim Tullis, Sue Vraga, Noelle Neumann, Barb Kirby, Ravi Ballamudi, David Birchler, Michael Ward, Nati Israeli, Amy Roland, Vicky Meyers, Lance Carlson, Ida Pajunen, Lynn Diener, Lisa Danford, Katherine Vieau, Megan Kling, Michael Pare, Mary Woodward, Alena Eichenseher, Ken Kloes, Randall Skalet, Amy Dowd, Dr. Ruddy, John Brown, Jeff Kanne, Tina Morshcauser, Sean Ward, Claire Bergman, Hope Henley, Adrienne Leslie, Eric Sullivan, Matt D'Amour, Laura Lob, Sandra Bredeson, Stephanie Robert, Sandra Anderson, Dawn McCluskey, Barbara Stenson, Mary Tullis, Jennifer Collins, Tiziana Serafini, Dixie Bird, Maira Rivera, LaRynda Thoen, Dianna Murphy, Karen McShane-Hellenbrand, Jill Karofsky, Tony D'Alessandro, Joy Pontrello, Marilyn Barbian, Bill Kokott, Teresa Santulli, Leslie McAllister, Keesia Hyzer, Laura Patterson, Caroline Spencer, Mary McNicholas, Kristi Pagenkopf, Solomy Ntambi, Elise Comello, Debra Oaks, Erika Hanson, Elizabeth Kanne, Sonja Olson, Christine Brophy, Margery Biel, Amy Bina, Shannon Smith, Erica Johnson, Penn Vieau, Mike Knetter, Ruth Litovsky, Jane Bernstein, Chris Dahlk, Lisa Naughton, Zoe Sumnicht, Jill Casid, Lisa Kerr, Judith Gundersen, Michael Hoefferle, Sandra Eugster, Holly Bobula, Michelle Mettner, Sarah Anstaett, Kim Groshek, Li Li Jones, Sheila Hart, Jolene Kornely, Susan Conaway, Ann Corcoran, Jennifer Gardiner, Natassia Petermann, Jennifer Stark, Katie Boyce, Karl Harter, Laura Berghahn, Winnie Chan, Nancy Nankivil, Ed Corcoran, Teri Parris Ford, Nora O’Reilly

900+ classes

Samira Musah, Diane Schmidt, Mara Loveman, Nanni Welter, Ellie Haberl Jay Sundu, Mary Teirney, Megan Senatori, Beverly Buhr, Theresa Brown, Kurt Lin, Jerry Gobeli, Mary Tullis, Dixie Bird, Anna Gemrich, Josie Howell, Victoria Schiller, Judy Schultz, Katie Norcross, Maria Henry, Connie Bettin, Susan Ertl, Rachelle Winkle-Wagner, Justin Rivas, Jennifer Fetterly, Laura Wade, Dan Tyler, Liz Preston, Nancy Crull, Meredith Turany, Ally Hrkac, Rob Roquitte, Micaela Orgaz

800+ classes

Neil Skinner, Judith McCue, Kim Brilowski, Lynn Kirsch, Kendra Hogan, Diane Coughlin, Mary Beth Brooks, Dawn McCluskey, Paul White, Thomas Smith, Lisa Witkowski, Suzanne Way, Elissa Parker, Kelly Snider, Nancy Nankivil, Sandra Homburg, Lizzie Ryan, Craig Berchtold, Carol Ricker, Jesse Craig, Kathy Ginn, Danielle Delaney, Johathan Ivry, Claire McNicholas, Kim Lemmer, Belinda Mucklow, Amy Everson, Betsy Delzer, Colleen Voker, Jennifer Sauer, Arati Shrestha, Sue Massey, Mary Hoefferle, Pamuk Bisel, Sarah Jefferds, John Majer, Christina Sheehan, Jamuna Shrestha, Nalini Rao, Cathy Rotter, Joni Nowak, Taylor Disch, Melissa Vaughan

700+ classes

Pat Barone, Eric Lemke, Alana Martin, Sandra Ashford, Janet Quamme, Michelle Reynolds, Angie Carlson, Ravi Ballamudi, Aaron Thompson, Rachel Carlson, Julia Rubin, Bob Brooks, Sandy Herrmann, Anya Zhikhareva, Grace Miller, Rachael Cameron, Clare O’Connor, Tina Okada, Nan Meier-Singer, Charlene Zhu, Ron Bote, Chris Dahlk, Josie Howell, Judy Genin, Audrey Brown, Anne Schoenemann, Dewey Bredeson, Tonia Feiner, Suki Warda, Laurie Osterndorf, Jennifer Stark, Mary Ann Reale, Todd Cieslak, Karen Sandler, Jackie Rose, Archana Shrestha, Caren King, Melissa Vaughan, Norah Ntambi Melissa Vaughan, Debra Fassbender, Lauren Millar, Susan Kitts, Lynne Dennis, Amy Heckmann, Kathy Pynnonen, Yukiko Dawson, Melanie Buhr-Lawler, Kerry Helmer, Sarah Lynne Peters, Jane Antononvich, Brian Turany, Jennifer Bosben, Chuck Angevine, Christine Gartler, Melanie Hebl, Michele Erikson

600+ classes

Megan Brown, Elizabeth Doering, Kasia Darling, Michael Underwood, Kathleen Kay, Carl Welter, Erin Paul-Schuetter, Anita Adams, Stan O’keefe, Natasha Karassina, Amy Fields, David Lincecum, Scott Lamps, Gretchen May, Michael Kitts, Darsi Foss, Mary Crowe, Jasmin Kristianto, Brenda Smage, Sarah Nelson, Stephanie Okada, Becky Hoffman, Karen Knetter, Kate Lucey, Mary Kuypers, Rose Nadler, Erin McInnes, Janell Squire, Jenya Grinblat, Ana Brand, Sarah Fink, Karen Knetter, Rich Schumann, Krystine Jackson, Susan Huber-Miller, Regina Whitemarsh, Tina Pacente, Glorily A. López, Gigi Cohen, Denise Gomez, Ken Adler, Pete Leonard, Emily Pfotenhauer

500+ classes

Carol Chvala, Glenn Rhodes, Bess Huddle, Michael Ward, Rachael Rivard, Melanie Thiel, Emily English, Sarah Glazer, Joe Meehean, Lauren Werner, Jessica Dias, Abby Potter, Emilia Kruzel, Jennifer Bayuk Yednock, Natasha Wick, Becky Arbaje, Mike Phillips, Michele Jasik, Sophie Miller, Jacqueline Schumacher, Lisa Nachreiner, Sonya Kessinger, Carol Floyd, Chantelle Thomas, Jan Hummel, Siggi Sigmarsson, Gayle Divelbiss, Kim Moreland, Dan Rubenstein, Rob Lottridge, Sara Yeo, Evelyn Munoz, Hadley DeJaynes, Brianna Buhr, Jayne Deutmeyer, Sonia Olson, Yasaman Rezai, Katie Miller, Hally Marlino, Bruce Wampold, Jill McNaughton, Lisa Ramsden, Brandi Funk, Laura Dattilo, Margaret Ntambi, Carly Hodes, Rassamee Kahrs, Evelyn Andersen, Patricia Terry, Rikelle Shold, Michael Kling, Julie Rimkus, Nathan Dowd, Nancy Gutknecht, Elizabeth Huge, Anna Ferrara, Maria Marunich, Sara Misurelli, Gavin Tullis, Susan Geer, Heather Fortune, Jessie Vaughan, Mandy Gennerman, Mary Leonard, Keith Dalby, Laura Paprocki, Johnny Wertz, Ania Walecka, Mark Melin, Julia Dorosz, Julia Stanley, Michelle Grosch, Charo Detcheverry, Bonnie Concordia, Jeanne Grist, Monica Dillenbeck, Rachel Pfeiffer, Amy Lee, Nadine Connor, Lisa Ferrazzano, Adam Sinclair, Melissa Brumm, Amanda Todd, Diane Doering, Rick Baker, Karyn Riddle, Tsela Barr, Chiao-Ping Li, Erin Brown, Chris Collins, Libby Gerds, Wesley Kavelaris, Doug McIntosh, Coco Kinsley, Tim Gomez, Annie Kilborn, Bari Deprey, Susan Madigan, Kathy Hrkac, Amy Throndsen, Michelle Marking

400+ classes

Nicole Borges, Mauricio Lopez, Laurie Alexander, John Majer, Colleen Cleary, Mira Shimabukuro, Larry Nash, Meghan Wanzek, Julia Malcolm, Wayne Au, Carrie Newton, Sharon Osterloh, Elizabeth Roesler, Jessica Dias, Gail Baker, Joe Paprocki, Iliana Castillo, Susan Masterson, Susan Masterson, Lisa Cappelli, Gayle Love, Faith DaSilva, Jayne Glad, Lucy Kay, Marian Thompson, Gayla Divelbliss, Siggi Sigmarsson, Kim Nestler, Pamela Schneider, Lisa Rambaldo, Carol Prochaska, Vanessa Covi, Laura Phelan, Amy Osorio, LT Kirschner, Carly Dachis, Sara Turner, Heather Hopke, Kaitlyn Skalet, Meredith Turany, Bethany Allen, Sherry Clyce, Lisa Rickert, Walter Dickey, Reka Sundaram-Stukel, Julie Logue, Stacia Corona, Chris Vaughan, Dawn Reininger, Jennifer Lanzendorf, Pamuk Bilsel, Katy Boyce, Sara Austin, Paige Tullis, Margaret Ntambi, Jessica Winkler, Angela Archiquette, Nora O’Reilly, Sue Massey, Karen Ostrov, Jody Shaw, Joe Kolafa, Erin McInnes, Danielle Scott, Heather Fortune, Stephanie Dalbesio, Kathleen Twist, Michele Erikson, Aaron Reich, Helen Kinsella, Annie Levihn, Lisa Kisling, Ginger Pocock, Cathy Durham, Rachel Bergmans, Heidi Nelson, Claire Macdonald, Tristan Verbeten, Annelise Gehl, Nora Latos, Edith Chan, Bruce Wunnicke, Ben Braun, Karyn Riddle, Jenn Smith, Erin Ogden, Kara Flynn, Peter Moyers, Samantha Garlock, Jenny Jeong, Javier Barquin, Shadow Backus, Erika Flaherty, Erika Ford, Shelbey Metcalf, Eric Raimy, Meg Newlin, Jill Ellefson, Leah Owens, Joel Chesebro, Hannah Kim, Anna Louise Lutz, Ben Reynolds, Kali Rivas, Lisa Rambaldo, Jim Doyle, Angel McClarey, Bari Deprey, Darlene Vander Hoop, Ann O'Rourke, Kyle Caldwell, Kris Eiring, Barbara Wermager, Claire Peterson, Stacy Taritas, Julie Murphy-Agnew, Elizabeth Wellenstein, Sushma Shrestha, Bob Kelley, Sue Robinson, Natalie Schneckloth, Rachel Heilizer, Lucas Malson, Giuliana Gonzalez, Malina Piontek, Lizzie Nettesheim, Sarah Alt, Amy Dias, Jessica Ace, Carol Shufro, Chris Swiggum, Alison Kilkelly, Kassi Foley, Genna Kuypers, Eleanor Lu

300+ classes

Erik Schneiderhan, Todd Newell, Amrita Sandhu, Steven Eiring, Jacolyn Hudson, Elizabeth Roesler, Karin Medall, Becca Keleher, Yoonsook Ha, Sara Buckman, Martin Fencl, Erin Stein, Rahel Holinbeck, Judy Fitzgerald, Bruce Harville, Krista Wilson, Tina Greupner, Bill Daily, Sara Schill, Andrea Bach-y-Rita, Jeff Ylvisaker, Katie Hargrove, Rachele Malek, Scott Brown, Meghan Glazer, Rose Webber, Pamela Bradley, Marci Nuckolls, Meg Groves, Teri Ford, Lauren Brown, Julia Fixel, Karen Chisholm, Darcie Kunder, Emily Livesey, Chris Maddox, Kim Patullo, Pam Hart, Sophie Shafer-Landau, Vanessa Bodley, Michael McCluskey, Scott Erstad, Kyoko Fuse, Jessica Gartner, Carol Philipps, Meisha Leibson, Stacey Meanwell, Abby Hall, Lizzie Wortham, Prit Smith, Heidi Gaugert, Colleen Hathaway, Carol Philipps, Ellen Bins Nordgren, Al Gurman, Katrina Stuntebeck, Maria Novak, Beth Nachreiner, John Hav-Chapman, Katie Hustad, Julie Linnen, David Vereide, David Roland, Kyle Foust, Alex Gianturco, Maureen Bohlen, Fiona Sastrodihardjo, Angela Hellenbrand, Kyle Foust, Eric Anderson, Brad Bohlen, Madison Snider, Eric Okada, Bao-Kim Le, Katie Hustad, Julie Waddell, Jennifer Nicklay, Carly Snider, Maxine Knetter, Shadow Backus, Allie Schrank, Madison Snider, Lizzie Netesheim, Matthew Wolff, Margaret Ntambi, Karl Whitemarsh, Jody Shaw, Emily A. Clark, Steve Sauer, Carolyn Lorge, Amy Throndsen, Stephanie Moomjian, Luann Tribus, Jean Uhlmann, Ann Haberl, Katie Henry, Kristie Pulvermacher, Katia Schindler, Michelle Frehner, Walter Meanwell, Kaitlyn Hetzel, Javier Barquin, Karen Turek, Allie Dienger, Alison Kilkelly, David Reinhard, Jamie Hawkins, Alison Kilkelly, Rachel B., Jeff Ford, Allison Lebwhol, Brad Owens, Betsy Clough, Chris Hager, Brenna O'Dea, Stacy Borman, Jessica Ace, Georgia Curry, Chris Hager, Shaun Hernandez, Kali Rivas, Nicole Dunn, Reid Tice, Sarah Alt, Jim Deering, Christine Gartler, Allison Blegen, Erin Barbato, Genna Kuypers, Leah Owens, Tom Fuchs, Lisa Atkins, Amber Evenson, Joel Chesebro, Sarah Maughan, Brian Stannard, Anne Morgan, Leigh Emrick, Kelli Worman, Amelia Ramirez, Meghan Martine, Bebe Bryans, Sarah Merfeld, Danielle Stevenson, Becca Formosa, Mary Cummins, Pauline Crane, Alicia Brenner-Ohnstad, Giuliana Gonzalez, Gary Braman, Taylor Anderson, Caroline Grinde, Eric Gregersen, June Meier, Bess Howell, Steven Nadler, Kristan Reed, Malina Piontek, Angela Seger, Patricia Benitez, Jamie Kolden, Su Yu Lu Maples, Erik Bergeson, Brent Duhr, Katie Grawe, Julie Redders, Jen Schroeder, Lainie Goldsmith, Mary Stelletello, Lauren Ballo, Valerie Mok, Darcy McCann, Ayla Annac, Amy Huff, Gabrielle Stanley, Yuliya Laptsionak, Trisha Hernandez, Kassi Foley, Laura Swenson, Nora Groeschel, Lori Docter, Meg Novich, Marc Vitale, Julie Lewis, Gabrielle Waclawik, Heather Smith, Amy Miles, Bob Bryla, Sylvia Shao, Mayra Archilla Barton, Marie Hebert, Lauren Homburg, Mirva Johnson, Ginny Hughes, Mairead Thistle, Brian Schram, Sarah Raabis, Jacqueline Doyle, Shauna Weiskotten, Margaret Gosselin, Tiffany Mason-Fass, Michelle Bayouth, Greg Steinberger, Hannah Moran, Ryan Eggers, Deidre Burns, Beth Munz, Teri Engelke, Bandana Malla, Cassie Miller

Personal Revolution

An Inner Fire Yoga Personal Revolutionary is an inspired and dedicated yogi who has achieved a group goal to practice a set number of yoga classes per week for a period of time. Usually this goal is 4 or 5 times per week for 2 or 3 months. Inner Fire Yoga typically offers this effort as a group 3 to 4 times per year. Those who achieve their Personal Revolution receive a medal. Students are energized and transformed from the experience!




Our scholarship program was initiated as a result of a generous donation by a dedicated Inner Fire Yoga member with the request that the fund be used to help a student who would otherwise not be able to afford to practice yoga at Inner Fire Yoga. Inner Fire Yoga now continues to support this with biannual awards of 3-month unlimited scholarships.

Current Deadlines:

November 11, 2019

How often are scholarships awarded?

Typically there will be two scholarship beneficiaries two times per year for a total of four 3-month unlimited yoga scholarships.

How do I nominate someone?

You can nominate yourself! Or, if you know someone who would greatly benefit from a regular yoga practice at Inner Fire Yoga, but would otherwise not be able to afford to pay for a 3-month membership, then please send an email to us and tell us about this person, and why you think they should receive this scholarship. It is that simple. We ask that the person you nominate will know in advance that you are nominating him/her, that the person has agreed to participate, and that he/she will be expected to practice a minimum of 3 times per week during the scholarship term (starting the day of the award unless exception is requested) in order to maintain the scholarship for the duration of the three months. We ask that you qualify these facts in the nomination. See “Scholarship Nomination Questions” below.

How are recipients chosen?

Our management team, comprised of Marit Sathrum (Yoga Teacher and Owner), Michael Hoefferle (General Manager), Hannah Moran (Studio Manager and Yoga Teacher) and Erika Ford (Sales and Marketing Manager), will review the email scholarship nominations and reward the scholarships to the person we deem to be most qualified. The recipient of the scholarship will be anonymous to our community: we will not publish the name of the scholarship winner, but we may publish the scholarship recipient’s testimonials (anonymously, unless otherwise specified by the recipient).

Request for Nominations Email from Inner Fire Yoga

An email will be distributed to our community approximately one month prior to the expiration of the current scholarship term, requesting nomination emails. Please respond before the expiration date for your nomination to be considered for the next scholarship term. If the person you’ve nominated is not awarded for the next term, the nomination can be re-submitted for the following term. Re-submittal for each scholarship term is required for continuing consideration for the next scholarship term.

You Can Contribute!

You can help a person who truly “needs” yoga but is unable to pay for membership, someone who will experience the beautiful and transforming benefits of a regular heated-yoga practice, the same that you have, by donating to the “Inner Fire Yoga Community Scholarship Fund” at anytime, simply by stating to the receptionist that you’d like to make a donation to the IFY Community Scholarship Fund. These donations will fund $300 at each new scholarship term (bi-annually) to pay for one of the 3-month unlimited-yoga scholarships. 


Your Name *
Your Name
Scholarship Applicant's Name *
Scholarship Applicant's Name
Has your applicant agreed to the scholarship process? *
Is your applicant ready to dedicate ASAP to a minimum yoga practice of 3x per week during the term of the scholarship? *
Which studio will they primarily practice at? *