Caroline Boynton

I first found yoga as I began high school. Between field hockey, lacrosse and running, I fell in love with the benefits that a consistent yoga practice would offer to my body. As I completed my high school sports career, I noticed that yoga had grown to hold a much stronger meaning in my life than simply stretching my muscles. Through the practice of yoga, one can strengthen and discover a connection between their mind and body. Understanding that mind-body connection enhances our lives physically, spiritually and mentally. It allows us to manifest positive energy within ourselves and to radiate positive energy to everyone around us. 

I have found yoga to be a slice of consistency in my life that I can always rely on to stay in tune with my body and practice self-care. Knowing the positive impact that yoga has had on my life, I was compelled to bring my passion to others. I quickly found that through teaching, I had the power to not only inspire and educate others on yoga, but I also found a new level of confidence and empowerment. I completed my Power Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training over the summer of 2019 at CorePower Yoga in Santa Clara, California. I hope that my students use my class as one hour that they devote to themselves. One hour to disconnect from the craziness of the outside world through focusing on their mat, body, breath and mind. I strive to provide my students with 60 minutes to soothe their minds while physically challenging their bodies.