Brynn Tonn

I first discovered my passion for yoga sculpt in 2014 at my home studio ONX, located in Eagan, Minnesota. My mom dragged me to my first class there as a sophomore in high school. Like so many others, I immediately fell in love with everything about the class: the energy, the music, the physical and mental challenge. The four corners of my mat quickly became my haven to release energy, emotions and stress. Besides strength, I gained confidence, patience, peace of mind, and the ability to be present. I became not only healthier, but happier. Yoga sculpt completely changed my outlook on life because for the first time, I was eager to take care of my mind and body.

After four years of practicing as a student, I was thrilled to finally reverse the roles and complete my Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training during the summer of 2018. Training completely pushed me of my comfort zone. With this in mind, I hope to encourage my students to leave their inhibitions at the door of Inner Fire and to not be afraid of getting uncomfortable on their mat. All I ask is that you do you during class. In my opinion, the empowerment you are able to give and receive as an instructor is what makes teaching this class so rewarding.