I discovered hot yoga nearly six years ago, and found that it not only met my need for a rigorous, physical workout, but it also met my desire to “calm the monkey mind”. I had just moved with my family from Maryland to Wisconsin. I left my job as a high school English teacher and all my friends behind. Life felt unsettled. The next year, I decided to start my own business. The move to Wisconsin and launching my business were both incredibly hectic endeavors. However, I found that yoga was the one place where everything stopped and centered itself, so I continued to practice daily.

I immediately noticed the physical changes in my body, but the emotional and mental changes crept up on me in a more subtle way. I remember driving home from class one day, and I realized I was smiling. Smiling for no good reason! I couldn’t think of one thing to worry about, one thing to stress about, and I was genuinely in a state of bliss. Life was beautiful.

To me, yoga is a profound medicine. Harnessing one’s own inner strength is what draws me back, again and again, to my mat. Sharing the joy of what a daily yoga practice can do for the body and mind is why I teach.


  • Inner Fire Yoga Teacher Training, 200 Hour, 2011
  • Massage therapist working out of Puja Wellness, 2011

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